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Hks legamax for Fk8 type r

Hks legamax for Fk8 type r

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The HKS Legamax Premium Cat-back Exhaust for the new 2017+ Civic Type R is the very first in their complete product lineup!

This exhaust increases piping diameter in each stage, making it a 3-inch main pipe to dual 2.4-inch pipes into the mufflers and finally out of dual 3.8-inch Burnt Titanium Tips. Overall the exhaust reduces back-pressure by 50%, this allows the turbine to spin more freely from a low RPM and improves overall power and response across the power-band.

This exhaust system has been engineered and designed to handle up to 540 ps (532 HP) without any power loss, so it's great for high power builds. It also features a dual muffler and small resonator that is guaranteed to provide zero drone for deep throaty note while still having a comfortable ride.


    • Honda Civic Type R [FK8] (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)


    • 3-inch to dual 2.4-inch catback system
    • Dual 3.8-inch Titanium burnt tips
    • Reduces back-pressure by 50% for increase in overall power
    • Calculated to handle 500+ HP builds without power loss
    • Same weight as OEM system while increasing exhaust flow
    • Designed to be sporty but comfortable enough to daily
    • Made in Japan


    • Type: Catback Exhaust
    • Piping Diameter: 75 to dual 60 [mm]
    • Tip Diameter: Dual 97 [mm]
    • Material: SUS304
    • Chassis Codes: FK8
    • Engine Code: K20C1
    • Idle Sound: 67 [db] (versus 58 db OEM)
    • Sound: 88 [db] (versus 82 db OEM)
    • Pieces: 3 piece system
    • Weight: 17.5 [kg] (same as OEM)
    • Notes: calculated to handle up to 540 ps without power loss
    • Warranty: Manufactures Warranty