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Advan tc4 racing candy red 18x9.5 et38 5x120

Advan tc4 racing candy red 18x9.5 et38 5x120

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Advan has quite an extensive history since it is one of the three brands designed and manufactured by the Yokohama Rubber Company. Having originally been targeted for those drivers who were demanding a more superior tire for performance driving the Advan brand quickly became popular globally. As a result, in 2005 Yokohama Rubber concentrated its efforts on enhancing the image of Advan.

Of course to accomplish this they knew they needed to build an impressive array of products dedicated to the new high performance cars worldwide. In addition they realized the importance of adopting a significant presence in the racing arena by supplying their products to racers in major events. Now Advan is Yokohama’s flagship brand throughout the world.

We would be remiss in not mentioning the imposing selection of wheels available from Advan since the quality and design choices are among some of the best in the performance marketplace. With a company as sophisticated and successful as Yokohama processing techniques are second to none so no worries there. And the problem designing wheels that are lightweight is met head on with things like a cut on the side of the spokes that reduce weight without compromising stiffness. The light weight and necessary stiffness make them a perfect choice for the performance driver.

And never a company to be left behind Advan is always searching for a new and better wheel; one like the Advan TC-4, that is made especially for the racing enthusiast so it can stand up to the demands of racing. This full face 5 spoke wheel has side cuts that are strategically placed by use of computer analysis to create the perfect balance between strength and weight.