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17 + Hondata flash pro (race ) only for fk8
17 + Hondata flash pro (race ) only for fk8
17 + Hondata flash pro (race ) only for fk8

17 + Hondata flash pro (race ) only for fk8

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- allows data logging 

- windows based software 

-usb port connection 

-variety of calibration 

-live tuning 

- will need to unlock ecu directly with hondata $250

all info is on the hondata website .


Note: Instant Jailbreak is not included: Hondata offers this service for 2017-2021 ECU instant jailbreak:

This Jailbreaker temporarily bypasses the CAN gateway on the 2020-2021 US market Honda Civic Type R so that you can instant jailbreak the ECU.

You do not need this product for the 2017-2019 US Honda Civic Type R or any other vehicle.

You still need to purchase the instant jailbreak.

The Jailbreaker device (not the instant jailbreak) can be used on as many vehicles are you like.

1) Update FlashProManager to the latest beta version.
2) Do not attempt to jailbreak the ECU if the ECU is in recovery mode. In this case return the ECU to stock and verify it is working.
3) Pull the left side of the lower dash free. It is held in with spring clips and will come away without much force.
4) Locate the stock CAN gateway. It is on the same wiring as the white and the blue connectors which plug into the lower dash.
5) Unplug the stock CAN gateway and plug in the Jailbreaker.
6) Using your FlashPro perform an instant jailbreak as described here.
7) Unplug the Jailbreaker and plug back in the stock CAN gateway.
8) Push the lower dash back into place.
9) Drive the vehicle a short distance to clear any problem codes.